Nov 01

Announcement of 2018 Black Sea Symposium in Constanța



We are excited to announce our future Black Sea Symposium – “Advances in Ancient Black Sea Studies: Scholarly Traditions & Preservation of Cultural Heritage”, in Constanța, August 20-24, 2018.

We plan to organize it within the framework of the research projects Bibliographia classica orae septentrionalis Ponti Euxini (BCOSPE, Principal Investigator: Victor Cojocaru), Preservation by Development of Sustainable Strategies for a Better Protection of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites from Romania (Principal Investigator: Sergiu Musteaţă) and Ethnic Identities and Diplomatic Affiliations of the Bosporan Kingdom (Principal Investigator: Altay Coskun), in collaboration with the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanţa, with the Institute of Archaeology Iaşi and with the Waterloo University.

We hope to foster exchange of knowledge and methodological skills amongst colleagues of various disciplines related to the ancient world, working in different countries around the northern hemisphere and pursuing research in different areas of the Black Sea region. We encourage presentations that highlight methodological advances in any subfield of Classical Studies and have the potential of shedding new light on the Ancient Black Sea. Particularly welcome will be case studies that employ innovative disciplinary or interdisciplinary methods. Likewise appreciated will be research surveys on relevant topics in which different approaches are contrasted and paths for future research opened. Other options would be experimenting with new technology or trying out methods of the Social Sciences to elicit some new knowledge from our ancient evidence.


Oct 31

International Scientific Conference

International Scientific Conference “Contact zones of Europe from the 3rd mill. BC to the 1st mill. AD”,

Москва, 28 сентября-2 октября 2017



Jul 12

International Workshop

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP. Advances in Ancient Black Sea Studies: Methodological Innovation, Interdisciplinary Perspectives and International Cooperation

Iași, Romanian Academy

17–18 July 2017



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